HyperGadgets is a YouTube channel that is run by two young reviewers and gamers that have a passion for games, technology and consumer electronics.

We are both very enthusiastic about technology and how it innovates our lives and changes the way we live and work. This technology allows us to share our views of products, create reviews and share it to the world via YouTube.

We have invested a lot of time and effort into our channel and we are investing into our channel as our channel improves.

We have recently bought new equipment such as a Lumix G7 and a better microphone in order to improve the quality of our videos so they are more enticing for the viewer.

In the past we have reviewed products from OnePlus/Orzly/Hephaestus/Patuoxun/Mpow and have posted reviews on YouTube. Altogether, our total view amount is over 200,000 and the channel is growing. Our latest videos are getting much more views and we have regular viewers as well as new viewers.

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